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QUESTION: Hi. I have recently come to posses what I can only describe as a Dark Wood Settee Bench that was in my grandmother's home. Its about 4' x 2' x 3' and aside from the cushion / pillow on the back is entirely wood.

I'm trying to figure out some idea of when and where it would have been made as the history on it was lost over the years

ANSWER: please use the followup function and do a clearer, closer, and focus picture of the center rear.

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QUESTION: I hope these will do.

ANSWER: this appears to be oak and as you know has some amazing work in it on the sprial turnings.

this is usually referred to as a loveseat and this one could be categorized as a photographers prop.  i am sure you have seen old portraits with fancy chairs as the prop, this is one.

made around 1890-1900 but as to where it is not possible to say since there were about 5000 manufacturers in operation in the USA.

waxed up and in a retail setting this would price at 850.

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QUESTION: Thank you. Any suggestions on what would sort of cleaner / sealer work best to perserve the wood?

buy Briwax in a dark oak color and use it.  should take about 2 hours to wax.  it will clean and slightly color the wood.  might have to do it twice.  you will like the results.

do not use oils.  they are non drying oils and will only attract airborn  dust and debris.

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