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QUESTION: I received these 2 loveseats from a relative and no longer have room for them in my home. Before making a decision of what to do with them (and without hurting anyone's feelings), I am trying to find out if they are even of any value. I can't find any markings on them. Are you able to tell by looking at them what year/design they are? Are you able to tell if they are worth trying to sell?

ANSWER: Chippendale style camel back loveseats.  cant really tell exact age without seeing underneath to see materials and workmanship.

it the cushion attached with a hook and elastic strip?

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QUESTION: Thank you for your response. Yes, the cushion is attached with a hook and elastic strap. I'm attaching a picture of what the couch looks like from underneath, as well as a picture of the side of the cushion. There is a latch attached to an elastic strap that comes out from the side to connect to the metal piece on the cushion(you can't see the latch in the picture). Let me know if they are helpful in identifying age, or if you need to see better pictures.

It is mahogany.  the age would be around the mid 1950s.  Hard to tell with the dustcover, the black fabric on the bottom because then cant see the joinery or unfinished areas.

Regardless, whether is is 1940/50 or 1970 doesnt matter.  in a shop as a single the price owuld be at 450, as a pair 1000.  this is retail.

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