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Northern Furniture Co Folding Chair
Northern Furniture Co  
Northern Furniture Co Folding Chair
Northern Furniture Co  
QUESTION: I have four folding chairs that bear an engraved mark "N. Northern Furniture Co" in a circle around US in the middle. The only information I could find was that Northern Furniture Co. was in business under this name from 1904-1949.
The chairs have an interesting way that they fold with the hinged section ending up at the top. When folded, they are nearly flat.
Along with the brand stamp, they are also marked with a label "Benedictine Convent for Perpetual Adoration" in Kansas City, Missouri.  
Would you be able to enlighten me as to the history and value of these chairs? Northern Furniture seems to make only higher end items, and I have found no indication of them making folding chairs which might be used in a convent or mission.

ANSWER: please use the follow up function and show the chair folded and a picture, full view of the rear and back in one shot.


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QUESTION: Here are the additional pictures you requested.

Northern Furniture in Sheyboygan made all ranges furniture.  remember that in addition to haveing showrooms in Grand Rapids most companies did not have huge inventories.  often the factory worked 24 hours churning out items.  From what i have learned in the past, this is how it probably went.  The convent contracted either directly with Northern or through a broker or salesman.  The order placed, the items made and labeled by norther both the manufacturing stamp and the convent label.  this was common practice.  they have the look of the 1930s and would not have been painted until much later.

These usually sell at 45-65 each depending on condition.

Since the norther labeling is different than what I have seen in the past would you post or send me a picture of the label for my files.  thanks

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