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Front corner
Front corner  

I have a knee hole desk with a leather top and built in bookshelf on the front side.  It has 72 small pillars that are set up in three stacks on each corner of the pedestal sections.  I do not have a picture, but can probably get some.  I am just curious to know if you have ever heard of a desk with built in shelves on the front side, and the use of these pillars (spindles) as decoration on the corners.  The spindles are about six inches long and 1/2 in. in diameter. It has a leather top also.  It suffered a break and is currently being restored. In all my searching, I can't find images of a desk with these pillars on the corners, nor one with built in shelving for books on the front side.  We have also had some trouble in determining the species of wood used in the veneer.  The majority of the desk seems to be chestnut with a veneer that may be mahogany or cedar.  There is also no furniture mark whatsoever, so we have no
way of knowing who made it.  I live in Jamestown, NY where there used to be a multitude of furniture factories.
Any info at all would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

The desk veneer is not clear enough or close enough for me to see the grain but I suspece it is bleached mahogany.  The desk is 1920-40s vintage in a modified Chippendale style as evidenced by the cluster columns, the blind fret work, bracket feet, and overall style.

It is unusual and well styled, not rare as it is a manufactured piece but not common either.

If you were to use the followup function and post anothe picture of the wood grain, clear and close, we can confirm the wood species.

restored properly the desk would sell in a shop at 650/700

hope this is what you needed.

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