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Desk with Hutch
Desk with Hutch  
Interior of the Desk/Hutch
Interior of the Desk/H  
QUESTION: I recently brought a piece of furniture that I would like to know more about-what it is, when it's made and if possible, who made it. There were no stamp or any identification on the piece and the person who sold it to me brought it from an estate sale and didn't have any information about it. The piece is faux bamboo in wood with birds eye maple veneer and beveled glasses on the upper doors. It had a hand-made quality to it. Some of the finish started to flake on parts of the veneer. I did get rid the red felt that covered the desk top. It had deteriorated to almost powdery condition, I was afraid that the particles would be airborne for people to breath in. Any advices on how I can restore this part will also be greatly appreciated.Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and to reply.

ANSWER: use the followup function and post a picture of the outside of of the side of a drawer where the side meets the front,

also a picture of the outside of the bottom of a drawer taken from the rear showing the bottom and back of the drawer in one picture.

you would recover the writing surface with leather or felt, your choice.  use wheat paste glue to attach.  for all wood surfaces, use johnsons floor paste wax or briwax.  use no oils.

awaiting pictures


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Side of Drawer
Side of Drawer  

Rear n Bottom of Drawer
Rear n Bottom of Drawe  
QUESTION: Thank you very much for your patience and the kind advices. I hope that I got the pictures right.

pictures are perfect.

it does have hand made qualities as you can see in the hand cut dovetails and the way the drawer bottoms are made and fit.

This style of furniture was made in the late 1800s into the 1920s.
I believe it to be European in origin made around 1900-1920.  
in a shop i can see the price at 1800$.

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