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Antique Furniture/19?? Butterfly Leaf Dining Table - Solid Wood & Veneer


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Table Base & Underside  

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Table Top  
Hello, Mr. Klein-

I recently purchased this butterfly leaf dining table for $75.00. I would like to know a bit more about it (i.e., age, design style, type of wood it's made from, origin if possible, estimated value in your opinion). I'm not very savy when it comes to this but I'm eager to learn.
There are no real markings on it. The only thing that has an identifying mark is the leaf latch/locking mechanism. It says JEFFERSON WOOD WKG CO. Louisville,KY. I've tried researching it with no avail. I believe I may have found a few tables that look similar with little to no real information about them either. The four I found were all walnut,two being from 1920 and the other two 1940. The ones that did list a maker said Hooker-Bassett and the other American Furniture Company. My table has no maker mark.
The table top in covered in a wood veneer that's in pretty rough shape. Oddly enough the wood veneer on the leaf does not match the veneer on rest of the table top and is in better shape than the more readily used parts of the table.
Again, any information you could offer on my table would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!

manufactured in the 1020s early 30s.  sweet gum wood on the base and aprons, walnut veneer on the top.

style is a modified jacobean as are all items of this style.  now called colonial revival as well.

I assume you will strip, repair and refinish this table.  If so do it in the order i mentioned in the previous sentence or repair first then strip.

often timed the veneers on leaves look different due to lack of use and also often the grains do not match.  I have had beautiful quartersawn oak tops with plain sawn leaves.  A sad thing.

not sure what else you wanted to know.  as to a manufacturer, remember there were about 5000 in operation at that time and without labels there is no way anyone can tell you which company without that label.  

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