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Berkey & Gay brand
Berkey & Gay brand  
Berkey & Gay twin beds
Berkey & Gay twin beds  
QUESTION: I have two Berkey & Gay twin beds in great condition with two headboards, two footboards and all side rails.  I believe the brand verifies that the beds are from before the 1900s.  Does the brand from that time period make them more valuable?

The beds also have numbers stamped into the lower edge of the headboards that read:
1 7 4 9 2 (with the 2 being sideways).  Does that number have any significance in terms of the value of the beds?

I am not sure what I can ask you on this site and I understand you cannot make a specific appraisal but can you give a range of their value or point me to somewhere to take them for an appraisal.  I am in Jacksonville, Florida.

ANSWER: please use the followup function and post a picture of the end of the siderail so i can see which type the fitting attachment is.  also a close clear picture of the wood grain so i can identify the wood.

there are no specific appraisals ever.  all are based on teh opinion of the appraiser and many appraisers have no indication of working knowledge of what something sell for, they research to see what similar items sell for, hopefully in your area.  to be truthful, it would be a waste to pay for an appraisal that would do you no good.

number has no effect on value, they are inventory, catalog, color and/or style numbers proprietary to the company.

what will give these value is the style and work, wood, condition, and that they are from a quality company.


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B & G bed rail connectors
B & G bed rail connect  

B & G wood close up
B & G wood close up  
QUESTION: Thank you for your quick reply.  I have attached a picture of the bed rails showing how they connect to the headboard and footboard.  Also have attached a close up of the detail of the wood.  It's the only one I have.  I was told when I bought them that the wood was mahogany that had darkened with age.

Can you verify that the brand is the one used on furniture manufactured before 1900?

Thank you for your help.

i cannot get the picture to appear.

would you copy and paste this to an email with the pictures, all of them, as attachments to that email and send them to my email address please.

find a place on the wood that you can take a picture showing the wood grain on a flat ares and send that or I cannot tell the wood species.


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