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Antique Furniture/colonial or colonial-style rocker?


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black rocker9  
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QUESTION: I just bought this rocking chair at a household sale today for $25.  I've tried, with no luck, to find out how old it might be.  It wasn't black originally; I can see where chips have come off and it looks like the first coat over the wood (and under the black) was a pale green.  Also the eagle and decorations are decals.  However, it has no nails or screws.  Looks to me like someone painted a very old chair.  What are your thoughts?

ANSWER: i need to see a picture of underneath the seat.  need to see in in a good and clear well lit photo.  what i am looking for is any undulations to determine how it was made so the photo cannot be aken straight on or perpendicular to the seat bottom.  take it at about a 45 degree angle from front to rear and side to side.

will probably have to see other photos too but will discuss that later.

use the followup function to post two more photos.


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QUESTION: Thanks Robert!
    I took several pictures this morning. I took some in the shade and some in direct sunlight, but I'm choosing two that I think are best for what you're looking for, and are (I hope) are what you asked me for.  I think you're looking for undulations and waves in the wood; perfectly smooth wood, I assume, would indicate use of machines or mass production?  I really tried moving around in the light to capture the texture, but it still looks rather smooth to me in the photos.  When I run my fingers across the surface of the underside, I can feel bumps and ridges; parts of the grain are a little higher than others.  Like, the "stripe" parts of the grain that signify the tree's rings are a little more pronounced.  I don't know anything about this kind of stuff, so I may be speaking nonsense.  

I have a couple dozen photos uploaded to a folder in Google Drive that I can share with you if you want.

    Thanks for providing this service, it's a wonderful thing you're doing.

cant see what i need in the photos.  send me what you have as attachments to an email including the whole post.


what i need to see are either hand planing marks in the wood or a thickness planer marks or anything else that shows tooling marks.

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