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Mirrored dresser
Mirrored dresser  
QUESTION: I was able to acquire a bedroom set and would like to know more-- era, style, etc.  I'm not finding much online and I've viewed very few pictures that look similar.

ANSWER: This set was manufactured in the 1920s.  it is possible there is a manufacturers label on the back.

The style is a merging of earlier styles, jacobean, william and mary, and a couple of others all combined to make what was called at the time colonial revival.  even with a touch of art nouveau as depicted by the mirror shapes.

The surfaces were veneered usually with walnut veneer.

hope this is what you needed.  you may use the followup function for further questions if i have not answered completely.


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Dresser 2
Dresser 2  

QUESTION: Thank you so much!  I've been attempting research online as well as at the library.  Your explanation helps me understand why I'm not finding an "exact match".  Are the inlays walnut burl?  My son picked this up for me and placed it in storage while I work on the bedroom needs plaster work and pine floors refinished.  My home is between 100-200 years old.  My decorating and collecting has mostly been "primitive"....but this set was just so beautiful....and reminded me of my grandmother's set, I fell in love.  I'd like the other aspects of the room to reflect the period, as well.  Do you have any recommendations for further reading and research?  I love learning the history of pieces as much as I enjoy having them!

I hope to get to the storage unit this week and look for markings.

I'm posting pictures of the other two pieces.....the hinged box (no lock) on the top of the vanity and 2nd dresser....are they called glove boxes? I'm also saw handkerchief there a difference?  My thought was the vanity one would be for gloves and the dresser, a handkerchief box??

the light colored wood is ash or maple burl, rest would be walnut veneer but not walnut burl.

chest of drawers is same wood with the same ash or maple burl.

boxes were called both handkerchief and/or glove boxes.  Have even seen old advertisements saying jewelry boxes.


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