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table and chairs  
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QUESTION: Hello There,
I purchased this table and chair set from our neighbors estate sale about 8 years ago and believe it is a farm house style pine table, marked Walter of Wabash, with 6 chairs. The set includes two armchairs and 4 without. I also have two leafs. Im not completely sure of the type the wood it is made from but it is very thick, and the table top and chairs have many flaws. The caning on a few of the chairs is beginning to fail also and my question for you is, if this is worth refinishing? Can you tell me how to do this?  Do you know when it was manufactured? Would you advise painting this set, and should the chairs be repaired, or is that cost prohibitive? I really like this casual style but I think I can upholster also. Can you provide what the value of this set, as is, and if it is restored to your recommendations. I am trying to decide whether to sell it or keep and restore. Many thanks in advance for your time and expertise! Danielle

ANSWER: use teh followup function and post picture of the table to pso i can see the wood grain.

the seats in the chairs are called rush seats.  cane is different.  show picture of bad part of rush.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your quick response! I believe there are "blooms"? And scratches on both the entire table and chair set. It is a accumulative continuing  thing that I wish could be remedied. The armless chairs are failing on the edges and some often used as a scratching post by my cat! One has suffered a black dye accident. Curiously, the rush on the arm chairs is darker and in almost perfect condition though. My friend says the set is shaker style? Thanks again!

refinishing the table top would be the thing to do.  blooms or blush.  it is the result of moisture becoming trapped in the coating.  dont do any 'home' remedies like toothpaste or mayo.  if you want to try to make them dissappear buy blush eliminator from and lightly spray it on the top.  if it makes them disappears great, if not put it on heavier and see.  it is a mi of solvents, slow drying ones, which will give the trapped moisture time to leave.
usually works but not always.

the chairs could be cleaned with mineral spirits.  once cleaned send me a picture and i will guide you further.  as to the seats.  i see no need to go to the expense of replacing the rush.  make cushions to go on top, that is probably why the arm chairs are still good.  coat the rush with spray shellac.

loosely shaker style but when sold this style was called early American.  Wabash is the name of the maker of the table slides only.

We love cats and they will do as they wish!  always.

hope this helps


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