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QUESTION: I purchased a 100 year old Victorian home in Gardner, MA and inside of it was this dining room set including buffet table, china cabinet, table with 8 chairs, and this corner cabinet.  On the back it has a plate that says Kaplan producers of Early American Furniture Cambridge, Mass.  and the number 92 in green underneath it.  I only have this piece, the rest was given to a family member.  I would like to find out a little more about it including the value.  Thank you for your help.

ANSWER: some company info:

could you use the followup function and post two more pictures, one of upper half and one of lower half.  close and clear so i can see wood grain and surfacr condition, thanks.

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Top piece
Top piece  

Bottom piece
Bottom piece  

some info in my files but i do not know the source of the info.
Kaplan Furniture started around 1904/1905. In 1915 Joseph Charak joined the firm and it was called Kaplan-Charak. That partnership ended in 1919 and Kaplan went on to make fine bench made furnishings in the Beacon Hill tradition and Colonial Revival tradition.  Charak did the same and provided Colonial Revival reproduction furniture to the Truman White House, particularly in the private quarters. Charak went on to become one of the finest makers of hand made and bench made Colonial Revival furniture in America as did Kaplan.
I have this book and am looking through it as well.

The piece is mahogany as tradition would dictate with striking ribbon stripe and some bees wing grain.  Teh bottom doors are of flame grain again, as they should be.

Some of these cabinets and other Kaplan pieces go for several thousand, some less.  I think this is of higher quality and must recommend that you have someone look at it in person.  if i was in the area i would do that for you but am not.  it will take a hand and eyes on examination then some research to see what comparable pieces of the same company have sold for recently to be accurate.

Unfortunately no one can be accurate from pictures, which is why i asked for more to determine that it is of the highest quality.  Knowing that it is of the highest quality it would be a disservice to you to attempt accuracy from photos.  This could range between 2500 and 10,000.

thanks for posting this item.  If i find out more as i search auction catalogs I will add to your post.

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