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wooden pulls
wooden pulls  

unusual EastLake
unusual EastLake  
Hello Mr Klein,
 My first question is regarding the Eastlake dressers seen in the pictures that have the traditional Spoon carvings. Oh how I love Eastlake!  The three drawer dresser is marked,
Z E Allen, Ash and Maple Chamber Suite    Grand Rapids, Mi.  My research tells me he only made furniture for ten or twelve years starting about 1888 or so, when he later sold out to Bissle.   My question is,  Is this the era when Eastlake was most popular?
  The two drawer chest, however, I know nothing about.   What can you tell me?  How was it used...on the floor or on top of another piece as it is now?  Inspection leads me to believe it was stand alone, but it sure looks nice atop its perch!  
    And now.... the grand prize.  Imagine my surprise to discover that it was Eastlake too!!  It has beautiful wooden, fan type drawer pulls that are unlike any other I have seen.  It was wearing paint when I found it, as were the others,  and I was thrilled to see what that paint was hiding.  What can you tell me about its style, period, and  possibly its value,  though no one could value it more than I.  
   Thank you for sharing your time and your expertise with the many of us who love old furniture, and the feelings we get from it.  I have built several pieces myself,  of which I am most proud.... but that is food for another day.  Thanx again,

         Robert E Hann

The first picture of the 4 drawer dresser would not be considered in Eastlake style.  It is a victorian style dresser.  I would have to see a picture of the drawer joints to pin point the date.  I do not see a two drawer dresser???
Generally, two drawer or two half drawers over one long drawer are dressers with mirrors, tall mirrors, called princess dressers.

The second picture of the 3 drawer dresser is Eastlake style and Eastlake period.  Again, to pinpoint the date I would have to see the drawer joints.  I would guess they are the Knapp joint or scalloped and pegged.  The iron pulls were used from the 1880s into the 1910s.  we often seen them used on kitchen hoosier type pieces.

Please use the followup function to post the pictures so the entire question will be as one unit or thread.

Both would have been manufactured 1880-1900.

please do the followup, thanks.

from my files:
1870 - 1900

Manufacturer of carpet sweepers from 1870 1882; manufacturer of tables, chairs, bedroom suites, and office desks from 1883 1900. Products sold and shipped mostly to the South and West. Zenas E. Allen appears to be the sole owner as no officers are mentioned in company information.

Allen started a carpet sweeper business, the Jewell sweeper, which he sold to M.R. Bissell in 1882. That same year Allen purchased a frame factory building on Mill St. between Canal Street and the river. Before the year was over the building and stock of furniture were all destroyed. In 1891 he built a brick building, which also was completely destroyed by fire in 1900.

Information from the Grand Rapids Public Museum Archives, and Z.E. Allen's obituary in the Grand Rapids Press, November 3, 1902, page 6.
Full Details
Title   Allen, Z.E. Co.
Address   44 Mill St.
Year Opened   1870
Year Closed   1900

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