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Peerless console
Peerless console  
QUESTION: i have this table that needs some work. The veneer has chipped off and it needs finishing. It has an old paper tag stapled underneath saying Shippenberg PA manufacturer and the person it was being shipped to. I'm wondering what the age of this table would be and the value. Also I'm curious about the type of wood used.

ANSWER: This is a sofa table from the 1920s.  Wood is most likely walnut veneer on teh top and sweet gum for the rest.  From the photo i cannot be certain of teh wood as i cannot see the grain but most of this style and this period are made that way.

I cannot advise on finishing as i cannot see the damages you reference.

if you use the followup function and post clear, in focus pictures of the top and base i can advise on that and value.

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Top veneer damage
Top veneer damage  
QUESTION: Thank you for your response. I can get more pics of you need them. Thank you again :)

this will be difficult to repair.  couple of methods.  first is to use a wood filler in the center and get it absolutely level with the surrounding area.  much like doing dent repair on an auto body.  then coat it with shellac, the entire top (after prepping and sanding).  once shellacked rub gently with 320 grit no fil paper.  then paint in the missing grain to match the surrounding areas.  layer colors using shellac in a spray can to lock in colors as you go along.  it will take hours to do.  second way is to carefully cut out a pattern around the missing area.  a long diamond shape would work and remove more of the veneer so you have a nice symetrical pattern of nothing in the center.  then inlay a different type of veneer in four pieces, bookmatched, in that void using hot hide to glue it in.  about 4 hours time.  on the edges, it is easiest to use the filler and paint the grain in.

have fun and thanks.  let me know how it progresses.

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