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model number
model number  
QUESTION: Hello,  I am trying to figure out how old my Paine Furniture Dresser is?  I found it cleaning out my father's basement.  On the back of the Dresser there is a model number  2401-2,  153.   It is about 52" in height,    21" Deep and about 36" wide.  Five Drawers.  First drawer is about 4", Seceond drawer is about 11" and the three bottom drawers are 6", 7" and 8".   Thank you, Jem

ANSWER: please use the followup function and post picture of the label and of the bottom of one drawer, thanks

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

label two
label two  
one of the labels
one of the labels  
Thank you for responding to my question.  Please find picture of one of the labels that is inside the top drawer and another picture of another label that is on the other end of that drawer.  I will need to send another follow up with the other picture of the bottom of drawer as you can only accept two pictures.   Thank you very much!  Jem

ANSWER: This is going to take a minute.  There was a fabulous Paine Furniture Company in Boston but I am not so sure that drexel bought into it.

doing some research.

if you do not hear back soon please remind me.  

for now.
chest looks to be cherry wood which would be appropriate for the 1940s/50s when i think this was made.  style is chippendale style but it is not chippendale period as that would be 1765++s.

more soon.  that drexel is there too is quite confusing as is the brass paine label together.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I really appreciate all of your help and research on this!  I am very excited to see what you find out.  You already provided very interesting detail that I did not know.  When you find out more information, would that give you an idea of the worth of this piece of furniture?   I would be very interested in finding out how much this piece would be worth.  Thank you so very much for all your help with this.

from the 1950s cherry wood by drexel.  The paine lable is the store from which it was sold and is not connected with the boston paine company
retail 350-400 tops in the secondary market.  possibly more if you find a drexel affectionate.

thanks for your patience and your wonderful feedback, sorry my knowledge ability fell short in the feedback section.  the paine labeling was confusing until i did more research.  good chest, enjoy your find.

when i find out more i will go back on and revise the posting for you and you will receive an email notification.  


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