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glass table protector
glass table protector  
Warsaw Furniture Inlaid Table
Warsaw Furniture Inlai  
QUESTION: Mr. Klein Could you please give me information regarding the inlaid table shown in attached pictures. I have been able to determine that it was made by Warsaw Furniture Mfg. in Warsaw, KY. I would like to know the period of time it was made. Also if it is possible to determine what woods were used - not sure how easy that is with a photo.  It also has a glass top made specifically for it to protect the wood top. I have included a picture of the glass top. The glass and wood both appear to be old, so I am wondering if it was common practice to make this cover to protect the table or if it is more likely that the cover was made later.  Is there anyway of determining value of this table. It is in very good condition. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

ANSWER: table is from the 1920s and is all as it should be.  many tables of this size were made with glass tops to be used also as a tray and to protect the veneers on the top.

i will need you to use the followup function and post two close clear infocus pictures of the wood grain in the top for identification.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

closeup 1
closeup 1  

Closeup 2
Closeup 2  
QUESTION: pardon my delay in response, I was traveling and could not get the photos you asked for until now. They are attached for your reference.  Thank you for your continued interest.

burl wood banding-the speckled part
walnut veneer-the dominant wood
some of the inlay is of tulip poplar along with other woods that are too small to identify.  often wood used in inlay is stained first or scorched in a hot sand box.

I have refinished these at a cost of 350 so we know they will be worth that!

good one!

hope this helps  

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