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Old Commode  
QUESTION: Hi. I bought this piece at an estate sale and intended to use it as a side table. I found out it is a commode. Do you have any information on how old it might be? Also my family is weirded out because its a used toilet so I can't keep it in the house. What might its retail value Be? Thank you so much. I am sorry I only have one picture at the moment


ANSWER: what did you pay and where does the chamber pot go.  looks more like a step to get in the older beds???  the bottom section slides back right?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I paid $20 for it.Yes, definetly looks like a step for beds. You would never guess what it was just by looking at it. You can lift the lid on the first step and it looks like you can hold several rolls of toilet paper in it. The middle step pulls out revealing a lid and opening for the champer pot. I don't have the chamber pot. The third step is where you place your feet while seated. Each step is covered in what looks to be decoupaged replica maps by Nicolaus Visscher. I only know that because his name is on the map. It's in good shape. There is a crack on the backside(where today's toilet tank would be)and a crack on the inside of the top step/lid. Still usable if one wanted to, I suppose. It's a great looking piece but I'm not allowed to keep it. I can take more photos later if you are interested when I get home. Thanks, again.

It was a great buy.  these sell at 200 in shops after cleaning and waxing so you will be able to make a couple of dollars. I am assuming it is an old one which would make it from the late 1800s.

I would like to see more photos and at least one from the back.

if you cannot do another followup then send to my email along with the post.

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