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Settee 2  
Hello, I purchased a pair of these settees from an estate sale. I was told they were hand carved. I feel confident in that statement as they are the same pattern but have slight variances in their details. The only other information I was given is that they are horse hair and old. I fell in love with them and maybe paid more than I should but I love how they look in my home. Any information you could give me on their age, style, type of wood, maker, and value would be appreciated. I'm also curious to know if the upholstery is original.

If you have any advice on what to do to put some life and luster back into the wood, I would be much obliged.

Thank you!

These are fine.  Federal style.  I cannot tell you from the photos if they are 1840 or 1880 or 1900.  We would have to look in person and/or see inside the frame to see what tools were used.

as to the wood, buy antique mahogany color Briwax, the toluene free type and wax these about three times a week apart.  You will be amazed.

if these are what we call period, meaning they were made in the Federal period around 1830-40 they should bring about 1200 each minimum in a store.  And usually, unless there is some prominent maker mark or attribution the age really would not matter.  If they are 1880 or 1900-1920, they still are fabulous pieces that would bring 10000-1200 in a store.

Insurance replacement I would put at 5000$.

All this assumes they are sound and tight.

If you paid more for these do not despair as these do not come up for sale often.  Only one I have seen one once and that was back in the early 1970s and there was only one.

thanks hope this is what you needed.

could you send a good photo of the front and rear and carving to my email please.

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