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Table legs/base
Table legs/base  
Table top from above
Table top from above  
QUESTION: Hi, I recently obtained this gateleg/drop leaf table from a salvage yard. I was drawn to it by both practicality and also the fact that the legs had some nice carvings on them. I admit I know next to nothing about it and would just like to know, if possible, a bit of information about it. What wood it may be made of, where it may have come from and when it was possibly made. Also the approximate value of the table, although I don't really intend to sell as I think maybe with a bit of work it would look lovely in our family home to sit and eat together on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

ANSWER: Your table is both a gate leg table and a trestle base table.  The style is Jacobean and it was most likely manufactured in teh 1920s.

Have you looked for a label?

As to the wood, I cannot see the grain except in teh end apron which appears to be sweet gum, a wood much used for furniture making for 300++ years.  It has been stained, and I believe this to be an original finish, to a walnut color.

If it is tight and your only consideration is the surfaces I highly recommend using Briwax in a walnut color, the toluene free type.

in a good shop, not a fancy shop, a reasonable retail price would be around 500$ at the minimum.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Sanded down side leaf
Sanded down side leaf  

Underneath the table
Underneath the table  
QUESTION: Hello again, thanks for the information that's very interesting stuff, I honestly thought the legs and supports would be oak. I have had a look underneath for a label but there doesn't seem to be one, all there appears to be is some letters written on the wood, they appear to be BTRS?? Don't know if that means anything to you? Just as a follow up my partner decided she wanted to refinish the top and has sanded off the original finish, I have attached a photo of the wood that we found underneath, what type of wood do you think this is? I have also attached a photo of the woodgrain underneath the table just as an extra bit of information for you. Thanks again you have been a great help.

I will need more pictures.  The picture of the sanded drop leaf is an oak veneer (should have never been sanded off, if it were to be removed it should have been chemically removed--just for next time)underneath looks like a mahogany veneer.  

do this for me, take a clear close picture of the wood showing the grains.  about a foot square on top and bottom and closer on the trestle base verticle supports and shoe and the horizontal connecting support bar.

thanks and send as attachments to one email.  my email is posted.

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