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With top closed  

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With the top unfolded  
I believe this is what you would call a Secretary's Desk, as the bottom half is drawers, and the desk folds out from the top.  I aquired it from my late, great-aunt, and it was purchased from W.A. Hathaways in NYC.  Unfortunately, I do not have much information on it.  

I can't place the type of wood (or perhaps it is stained?).  It's a brownish/deep red with almost a swirling pattern in the grain in some areas.  I estimate that the whole piece weighs about 80 lbs (36 kg).

What I can tell you is that the working condition of it is amazing.  There are obviously a few scratches, but no serious aesthetic issues.  It is a very solid, sturdy piece and all the components work flawlessly; it seems to be built very well.  There are two "secret" compartments: the two furnishings next to the center door slide out and have space in them.

I plan to use a wood polishing cleaner on it.  Should I try to remove the scratches? Do you have any suggestions for how?  I have only two weeks before I move out, and I would like to sell it before then.  Is craigslist my best option considering this time-frame?

These are usually mahogany veneers on the fronts, then either sweet gum, tulip poplar, on the sides.  Is there a label on the back on inside the top drawer.  Thinking Maddox or Monitor furniture companies perhaps.  Sometimes these are cherry or birch as well.

Your pictures are too distant to determine or see any wood grain.

The only thing you should use on the wood is a furniture paste wax like Briwax or Johnson floor paste wax.  Briwax in the antiques mahogany color, johnsons is a neutral color which will not color in any scratches.

You should never use any waxes or polishes that contain non drying oils like mineral oil or silicone oil.

Desk should bring 350-450$

hope this is what you needed.

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