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Arm Chair
Arm Chair  
Dining room table
Dining room table  
QUESTION: I Inherited this table and 8 chairs (2 have arms) recently and am trying to get an sales price for them, The table has one leaf locked in a all four corners with a removable D shaped brass insert aligning into brass inserts recessed into the bottom of the three single boards making up the table surface. The outer portions of the table each have a four leg pedestal and brass feet with brass wheels on them capping the ends of the legs. All of the screws under the table are steel/iron straight point, the

I apologize for my pictures-this is not something I have ever done before.  
Of the 8 chairs, Two have arms and larger seat bottoms-all of the seat bottoms were replaced several years ago, but the original leather ones were kept because the chairs were valuable.  All of the chairs are in great shape-no scratches or noticeable wear.
I can understand if my pictures are not what was needed-I can  take better/more... If there is a resourse  telling me what to take and how I would be happy to.  Thank You.

ANSWER: The table and chairs never came together but do go together.

chairs would sell at 200-250 each retail in a shop

table would sell at 500 in the same setting.
table is mahogany veneer on top and most likely sweet gum bases

chairs i cannot tell from the photo as i cannot see the grain.  if you were to use the followup function and post a close clear picture of the wood grain i might be able to help there.

table is a sheraton or duncan phyfe style which is better called Federal style.
chairs are Chippendale style.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Leaf detail
Leaf detail  

Pedestal from the bottom
Pedestal from the bott  
QUESTION: I could be wrong, but the table surfaces do not appear to be veneer as the grain is continuous on all sides and edges, and repaired cracks and worn edges follow that grain all the way around and through with no evidence of veneer separation or loss in the damaged/worn areas..Each of the three sable surfaces appear to be a single slab of wood

Send many pictures to my email address. Send the pictures as attachments to one email and include the original post so I'll know what it goes to. All edges top and bottom and will take a closer look. make sure they're in focus so I can see detail.
Check to see if the grain on top is the same as the grain on the underside in the same place top and underneath.

Thank you

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