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QUESTION: Hello, Mr. Klein. My wife and I saw this beautiful piece being thrown out with the weekly trash. We don't know much about it other than it being a vanity. We have looked it over and are unable to find any identification. We would like to kindly ask from which year it is, manufacturer and value. In current condition and after restoration. I apologize for the photos. I do not own a camera nor  computer.

ANSWER: It is a vanity but the mirror is missing.  Could have been one of sveral types mirrors.  Could have been a large round one or triple mirror.  Search google for 1920s vanity to see what they would look like.  

I would need to see a picture of the rear to help further.  You can use the followup function to post another picture.

As to value, without the mirror probably 100-125, with the mirror more.

veneers are walnut and mahogany with the frame either or both sweet bum/tulip poplar.

hope this is what you needed.

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QUESTION: I apologize, Mr. Klein. I forgot about the mirror. Here it is along with a photo of the rear. We are curious of the worth with the mirror but plan to keep it either way. Thank you!

450 with mirror.

I'm sorry you did not feel that I was clear with my answer. Whether something called an antique or not is pretty much irrelevant. The general definition is 100 years old on furniture and many other collectibles. As to a manufacturer, out of the 5000 in operation in the 1920s without a label no one can ever tell you which one manufactured this vanity.

Again I do apologize for my lack of clarity. Thank you very much for using this service.

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