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Please give me the fair asking price for this cabinet.  It is in excellent condition.  the wood is without mar or scratches and it has all the original flawed glass.  In the right hand corner as you face the cabinet, someone has added 3 tiny finish nails in a small wooden ridge just above the door.  And. just a few inches left of the nails there is a piece of the ridge that has been broken,  Except for those imperfections which one has to view closely, the exterior is perfect.  The doors have the original locks and the key both locks and unlocks the doors.  There are 2 solid wood shelves with a groove running the length of the shelf to display dishes in an upright position. The underside of the top of the cabinet has 5 cup hooks screwed into the wood.  These are not visible from the outside of the cabinet but can be seen if you put your head inside between the top shelf and cabinet top and look up.  The bottom of the cabinet has a spiral carved piece of the same wood.  
I was told the wood was "iron wood"when it was purchased as an antique 40 years ago,  

The cabinet is 46"wide x 16' deep and 55'' high,  On the back of the cabinet the numbers  1 19 11  715 appear to be stamped in the wood about 4 inches below the cabinet top.  Below the numbers toward the middle of the cabinet in the top half of a circle is the name" Berkey & Gay" and in the bottom half of the circle the word "furniture".  

It is a beautiful piece of furniture and I have no idea what it should sell for.  Please tell me what the fair price would be.  Thank you for your time, expertise and experience.  Bobbie

Berkey and gay was a quality furniture manufacturer. Whoever told you that this was Ironwood did not know what they were talking about. It is Oak and quartersawn oak. I do believe that the legs have been shortened a few inches but that should not affect the resale. It was made around 1910 to 1920s and it could be used for a bookcase or China cabinet.

In a retail store antique shop or antique mall it should have a price of $750. At auction not a highfalutin fancy auction but a normal auction one would expect to pay 475 perhaps 550.

Hope this helps.
Thank you.

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