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Hi Robert, my oak table is 91ccm x 53cm x 77cm high. Is it "Arts and Crafts" style?
There are no maker's marks on it, except chisel incision marks (I, II, III...) on each wedge & its receptacle/leg.
I think it's been sitting in a garage and is grubby, so should I carefully give the top a lukewarm soapy water wash (not too wet), then apply furniture oil?  Should I dismantle it first, it appears straightforward & I've begun labelling each bit!
Also any thoughts you have on maker, value etc will be gratefully received.  Thanks, Dick.


all furniture oils are non drying oils like mineral oil and silicone oil and do no good.  It will not feed the wood, it does not need to be fed, it is not hungry and only needs proper care.  orange oils and not orange, lemon oils are not lemon and cedar oils are not cedar.  they are usually chemically enhanced terpenes and/or scented mineral, silicone oils and terpenes.

Arts and Crafts style is accurate., check carefully for a mark.

washing will not hurt but using a wax like johnsons floor paste wax would be better.

It has been coated with shellac, you can tell by the run on the peg.

as to a maker, there were many so without the label or mark we will never know.

the black rings are iron stains and will not come out so leave them.  a professional restorer would be able to use oxalic acid to remove if doing a complete restore but you have to have experience to do it correctly and without harming the table/desk.

this is a great desk/table.  if i had it for sale restored, I would ask 850 and have not trouble getting the number.


hope this helps

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