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Hathaway\'s Table
Hathaway's Table  

Hathaway Table
Hathaway Table  
Robert, I inherited this table years ago with little info except that it was my grandmothers. They lived in Poughkeepsie NY.

It is about 28" tall and 32" across. There are two lockable drawers on opposing sides with the other handles acting as decoration. The top is leather with some decrotive imprinting around the edge. The legs have brass capped brass wheeled casters. The table also rotates. There is a bead of inlaid wood around the outside edge it the table top and also around the handles on the side.

It was used on and of in my home and had been improperly stored and slightly damaged.

I had it repaired and restored. The photos show the final product along with a tag in one of the drawers.

My questions would be the following:

What would this table originally be used for?

What is the best way to care for and maintain both the table and the leather top.

What is the heritage of the piece.

What is the value I might insure this for. I don't plan on selling is as I think I might have the perfect use as I also inherited an Edison phonograph that I plan on placing on this table.

Your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated.

this is called a drum table and was advertised as a lamp table, end table or side table.  Hathaways was a store that in addition to selling all sorts of goods also sold good quality furniture.

the drawer picture is oak sides.  the table top and apron will be mahogany veneers.

To care for the table and leather use only a good quality paste wax.  Briwax is good, Johnsons floor paste wax is good.  Beaute is good.

The value is not high, about 450 average retail.  Can go as high at 750 depending on point of sale.

Made around 1940

Hope this helps.

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