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QUESTION: I would like to know what type of set this is, and if it would be worth getting cleaned up. I know the chairs have new fabric. There is wear and tear on both table and chairs and one of the 6 chairs is missing.There are markings on the bottom of the chairs reading No. 23753 solo red cut 198761. I don't see any markings on the bottom of the table.

ANSWER: This is a 1920s dining set which has one leaf and 6 chairs originally.  generally one or two arm chairs and the rest side chairs.  sometimes the leaf folds from the center of the table others have a leaf that you insert.

woods are often sweet bum stained a walnut color and sometimes, the top is walnut veneer other times it too is sweet gum or tulip poplar.  I cannot positively identify the wood in the top from the photos provided but am 98% sure it is sweet gum.

as to whether it is worth cleaning up or restoring I cannot tell you.  That would be up to you and would depend on the cost to restore.  If it is family then yes it is worth it.  If the chairs need to be glued and refinished that would be 150-125 per chair.  Table cost to restore would be around 850.  This of course depends on the area in which you live or if you can do this yourself.

First things I would do is use brown colored Briwax and wax the table and chairs, it will take all day.  then see if you like it for a couple of weeks and decide from there if you want to do more.

Hope this helps with your decision.

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QUESTION: I think that if I do the wax you recommend it will bring life back into this old set. Do you have a guess of the value of this type of set? Thanks

waxing will do more to make it look good than anything other than complete restoration which means stripping and finishing.

as it sits, since condition is not so good visually at the moment it would only sell for 45 per chair and about 300 for the table.


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