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Side by side
Side by side  
Side by side
Side by side  
QUESTION: I recently purchased this beautiful piece. I have to replace the glass. Would like to know the age and estimated value. I've searched and am unable to find one with the same Bird / peacock.  Thank you very much.

ANSWER: These side-by-side's were done in many different styles of decoration. Different animals and different depictions of foliage. This one is from around 1890 to 1900. it is in Oak and if everything on it was just right it would retail in a shop between 1200 and 1600.
Curved glass can be purchased from a named John's curved glass in Rising Sun, Ohio. Other places as well but I like him.  Cost about $200 for curved glass that size.

Hope this is what you need. It is a very nice side-by-side.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Robert, thank you so very much for your help.  No other question, just an observation. I see that you are in Pensacola. I live in northern New Mexico, only about 52 miles from Colorado......but, I'm 3rd generation Florida. Okeechobee. I met my husband in Ft Myers when he was here checking on some horses. I left the "Promise Land" for him and I know live in the land of "Wind and Dirt". Ummmmmm, the call it the "Land of Enchantment " but trust description fits much better. Enjoy the sun☀️☀️☀️  Again, thank you very much for helping me.

PS. I paid $75.00 for the side by side

Thank you.  I am only familiar with the Nogal and Ruidoso areas but it has been 30 years since I have been that way.  I know what you mean about the wind and dirt.  One of my fondest memories when there one time was that a mountain pony from the BLM wouldnt let the keepers get close to him to trim the hooves.  It took me a week or so to get him to let me lift a foot.  we became friends.

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