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Table legs
Table legs  

My name is Jessica.  I came across an antique table and would like to know much more about it.  It's wooden, cream white, the drawer pulls out and there's a carving of a woman on each leg. I would really appreciate it if you could guide me in the right direction by telling me a thing or two about this table I have. What era its from, the design style, what it may be worth, what kind of furniture is it, what the face carvings are called, what type of wood is it and what it was used for.  Thank you! I've attached photos of the table.  I can not wait for your response, I'm simply thrilled!

Thank you for your time!


ANSWER: please use the followup function and post two more pictures.

one from underneath where a leg meets the aprons showing hte top of the leg nad both aprons where they all intersect.
second of the outside of the side on the drawer where the side meets the front.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Leg Apron
Leg Apron  

QUESTION: Hello,  I'm so sorry it took a while to get back to you.  The table was in storage and I finally got it out.  Here are the photo's requested.  Thank you so much for your time and assistance!

This is copied from the email I sent you I wanted to post it so that others would benefit from seeing your table and hearing about your table because it is a good one.
Looking at  the top I can tell it is quartersawn oak. Which would lead me to believe that the apron will be oak veneered the bottom shelf  probably veneered as well.  the legs would most likely be oak. The hardware has been changed. This is called a library table or writing table or writing desk. From around 1900.

If I had this in my shop not painted, with a good finish on it and everything like it's supposed to be, I would ask 750 for the table.

More not in the email.
I had mentioned that this would not be a project to learn on because you have to deal with stripping paint, paint remaining in the wood, in the grain, knowing which materials to purchase,  what type of paint stripper to purchase how to use it properly, how little or how much and how gently to sand, what stains to apply and how to apply them, what clearcoat to use, how to apply,  how to rub smooth and some other things as well.

It is very easy for someone who may be on skilled in the art of restoration to completely devalue an item. I'm not saying that you would. But if you have not done properly restoration in the past that I would not be the project start on. A person with a little experience and restoration work and buy a five dollar  in table at the flea market and practice on that with stripping and staining and finishing.

I hope this is helpful and please feel free to contact me by email or through this website with any more questions you may have. Thank you much.

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