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QUESTION: I recently purchased this settee and I've been trying to research some information about it - in particular, the age of the piece and perhaps what the wood is - I thought it might be walnut? I believe that the velvet upholstery is someone's bad job at reupholstery work; the original (I think??) fabric is underneath.  It is stuffed with straw.  I'd also love to know an approximate value.

Thank you so much!

ANSWER: use followup function and post close clear infocus picture of the wood grain.  and side view or rear view.


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QUESTION: Sorry about that - here are the additional photos.

ANSWER: box sofa or box settee in what is either mahogany or birch.  still cant see the photo well but it is one or the other probably mahognay judging from the photo you reposted.  stained mahogany color, not walnut.  

made around 1900 in the sheraton style.  the fabric showing on the end panel is more appropriate in design than the seating.

dont know what you paid so dont be angry if what i say is lower that what you paid, it is still a great piece and once waxed and reupholstered will be super.

at that time it would have a retail of 1200, for now around 450-600.

hope this hleps


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QUESTION: I tried to reupholster it myself and the wood was very very hard, so birch would seem less likely then, right?

I paid substantially less than that, so no anger here!

birch is quite hard

the difference in grain in mahogany and birch is signifigant.  Also birch is more white in the raw and mahogany is more red/pink.  all depending on hte cut and where in the tree.

birch is about 1.6 times the hardness of the mahogany used at that time, 1900/1920.  The most desirable mahogany came from Jamaica and was pretty much harvested out before 1800.  also Bahamas, Hispaniola, what is now southern Florida, Cuba.

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