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Dresser overall
Dresser overall  
Drawer end
Drawer end  
QUESTION: Purchased this dresser about 25 years ago in a small antiques shop in NW Georgia.  It is very heavy.  Always assumed it was homemade (not necessarily in a good way). All wood (drawers, back of dresser, etc) is thicker than you would expect, including raised panels for drawer bottoms.  I think it originally had single pulls on the drawers.  Maybe handles added because those drawers are so darn heavy.  Dovetails, but nails added into the dovetails. I suppose nails could have been added to sturdy, but the dresser and all drawers are very solid.   Curious on any thoughts, including wood.  Debating on refinishing to natural (what would it look like?) or selling.  Wife has always hated those scrolls holding the mirror.

ANSWER: use the followup function and post clear close picture of the wood for identification, drawer side is pine

nails are much newer than the chest.
show picture of bottom of outside of the drawer with the back and bottom in one shot


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Drawer detail
Drawer detail  

QUESTION: Follow-up per request.  Thanks for your help.

saw marks on the drawer bottom and back were made by a continuous blade saw much like a band saw, probably powered by water or steam.  drawer bottom bevels or champers made by a hand plane.  dovetails hand done with layout marks present.  back boards look like they might be lap joined or even tongue and groove. any original nails should be square nails.  made around 1850.

cannot tell you what it would look like stripped an finished without being there.
Hardware needs to be dull not brite, they are replacements someone did to 'dress it up'.

This is a good example of what is a rural built piece.  Looks very much like it could have come from the North Carolina north central area.

what i find interesting are the mirror supports, very robust as was often done in that area.  the mirror frame looks to be more refined than the rest of the piece.  could it be possible that this was made and the mirror came from another piece at that time?  possibly but without seeing the work on the mirror frame and rear cannot say.

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