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Desk whole view
Desk whole view  
Drawer Front image
Drawer Front image  
QUESTION: I purchased this desk last week. It has a Skandia Furniture Company sticker inside one of the drawers. I have been able to research the years the company was in business, but wondered if you can help me narrow down the age of the desk,the construction, and if possible a value. I have not been able to find similar pictures of this desk in my online searches. I'm not sure if the top was originally leather or if someone has faux painted this or what is best to do for it.
Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

ANSWER: please use the followup function and post a couple of pictures of the top.

or a picture of the top and a picture of the interior of the drawer cavity so i can see how it was constructed.

I am pretty certain the the top is original and would have been a type of faux leather finished and dressed with stains and heavy pigmented colors,  the finish appears original as does the hardware.  Made in the 20-30s in this nice knee hole style reminiscent of the Hepplewhite, sheraton, and federal styles.


waiting for pictures

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Desk top
Desk top  

QUESTION: Thanks for your reply. I am attaching a picture of a drawer and a better view of the top of the desk.

Looks to be 1920-30s era.  Mahogany veneers on the show surfaces. and brass or brass plated hardware.  It is in the form of the early Federal period desks in homes.

Cant really tell much about the top from the photo but it is what we wuld expect on the top.  Dovetailing is machine made.

good piece.  which would sell, in restored condition at 5-600 in a shop.


hope this helps.  

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