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Antique Rocking Chair
Antique Rocking Chair  
Antique Rocking Chair
Antique Rocking Chair  
QUESTION: I bought this at a thrift store. I saw you had responded to another query about this same chair. The bolts are all square and the screws are rounded top. Wondering if this helps to date it or if you might have further info? Thank you for your time and knowledge.

ANSWER: what was the information posted on the other replay???

these are 1880-1910 oak and oak veneer.

please use the followup functions and paste the other reply and let me know what you want to know


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Rocking chair back
Rocking chair back  
Rocking chair back
Rocking chair back  
QUESTION: Hi Robert, thanks for your reply. I just googled antique rockers and found an image of the same chair but it was really beat up, huge chunk taken out of lower seat. You gave it the date you mentioned and a value in the $800 range. You also mentioned that it was oak veneer ply, steamed to shape. I'm a carpenter and this is definitely not oak, poplar or ash I guess, maybe a type of pine. Not sure, but not oak. I was just wondering what you thought it may be worth? Thanks again for your time, Matt

ANSWER: yours is not oak, it was an assumption on my part, ooops!  these are generally in oak but I couldnt see closely enough.  not ash but often poplar is used as is sweet gum but when using veneers, birch and mahognay would be the next choices on this.  Birch and mahogany are the other most used woods.

oak brings more and condition is important.

can you give me the link to the other chair??


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Matt,  I found the post to which you were rfering, here it is below, read well and enjoy!!

anything with sentimental value is worth restoring.  there is no price on sentiment.  if the costs exceed the value of the object, i say so what, it isnt about economics.  there are however times when the costs are outside a reasonable budget and that is when decisions get difficult.

your chair is as you probably know is oak.  It would have been manufacturered arond 1890-1900 but without a label there is no way to know where it was made as there were literally thousands of manufacturere in operation at that time.

the seat can be re made, repaired, or a replacement bought.  the seat should be made of a three ply laminate with oak on the top an bottom layers, it is steam bent much like the case of a grand piano is curved. I looks in the picture as if someone has put some contact paper on the seat to try and cover the damage.  The oak grain is most likely quarter sawn oak, a very beautiful cut.

if you tell me where you are i may know of a competent restorer in the area that would have the skills, knowledge, and compassion to do this for you.  I wuld charge around 800-1000 to redo this chair.  this would be more than it would bring on the market at this time but not by much, i can see this going for 700 after a proper restoration, if sold in the right place.  normal pricing for a chair like this in good but used condition around 350-450

hope this helps


original answer to this post/question

If I said the chair pictured was in the 800$ range it would have been only in good condition.  If i said the one pictured as was worth 800 then i must have been asleep typing...  i am going to find the post and see, i am confused.

only if it were in pristine condition would it be 800, even then, it would have to have been a high brow store selling it in a large city.

Your chair, after a good waxing, which would clean it up and make it look super, the insurance replacement would be at 800, but a reasonable selling price would be, after the cleaning, and in a good shop, at 600.

hope this clarifies and helps, thanks.

only post i find is on pinterest which doesnt help me to locate where it is on allexperts, will keep looking and add to the answer to clarify, thanks again.  

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