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Miss Sue\'s Windsor Chair
Miss Sue's Windsor Cha  

Miss Sue\'s Windsor Chair 2
Miss Sue's Windsor Cha  
Hello.  I have a Windsor brace back chair with 6 spindles (two are braces). There are no original markings or tags on the chair to say who when or where it was made. (There is a white painted one inch stencil of the number 540 under the seat - looks like it was applied later on). Can you please give me some direction as to its origin?  It was was with great grandmother's 1920's Berkey and Gay and Sligh bedroom furniture. I have searched online for hours and can't find another like it.  Thank you so much!

the 540 was most likely a factory inventory number or cat number.  it is common to see this done under seats and on backs of case pieces.

these chairs were generally done in birch wood stained to a dark mahogany color.  Made in the 20s as you suspect.

I was surprised you could not find a similar chair online.  I typed 1920s brace back windsor chair and found quite a few similar but did not closely inspect to see if they were exact.  Many companies made these in the 20s through the 40s.  These days the term colonial revival style is often used in addition to the proper name.

after waxing with a good wax like Briwax or johnsons floor paste wax, neithe of which contain mineral or silicone oils, the retail pricing would land around 100-200 in a good shop.  At auction about 45$

hope this helps


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