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Close up  
If possible could you please help me identify this piece. I'll try to describe it with my limited knowledge. It has the bottom cabinet base & detachable top piece with the mirror. Overall it stands approx 86 inches tall, 49 inches wide & 15 inches deep.There are a total of 4 mirrors, 2 on top, 1 on each side of the cabinet portion. There are 2 shelves inside the cabinet, the top shelf is covered with black velvet. I'm assuming the carvings were done by hand because they are not perfectly symmetrical like modern pieces created by machines. It reminds me of lattice and Gothic. The largest mirror has dark spots on it & also has beveled edges. I find this cabinet very interesting & would love to know more about it, such as what it is, how old it might be & if it has any value. Thank you!

machine assisted hand carving
machine assisted hand  
This could be called a sideboard or an etagere.  It is from the 1890-1920 era and in in the victorian style.  no gothic styling here although I can see how one would think so.  The dominant style is Victorian.

I cannot see the wood grain so I cannot tell you the species but generally these were done in birch and figured birch stained to look like old mahogany.

Machine assisted hand work on the carving.  Much work was done initially by machine then some hand work.  You have to look for tooling marks rather than symmetry.

It is a very nice one that I would price, in my shop, and my shop is not fancy, at 2250 after waxing.  this is a minimum price.  for insurance purposes, 3500-4500.

I have attached a picture of multiple carving from ago.

hope this is helpful.

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