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Seaforth furniture2
Seaforth furniture2  
Seaforth furniture
Seaforth furniture  
QUESTION: Could you please provide some information on these 2 pieces of furniture. They are in a house (in Australia) that I have inherited from a great uncle. Would they have been made in Australia and would they be of any value?
I don't want to keep them and am wondering should I try & sell?
Any information would be appreciated. Thankyou.

ANSWER: These two pieces appear to have been made prior to 1900, hard to tell from the photos.  please use the followup function and post another picture showing the outside of the side of one drawer where the side meets the front so i can see the joints.

check carefully to see if there are any markings on the backs.

these are good pieces!!!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Drawer join
Drawer join  

Cupboard detail
Cupboard detail  
QUESTION: Hi Robert, thanks for your reply.
I can't find any markings on the backs of the furniture items.
Will attach photo of drawer.
Thanks for your time.

The dovetails in the drawer tell me that this was made prior to 1880.  Probably around 1875.  This is based on the dovetails and the style of the piece.

Cannot tell the wood but walnut was a commonly used wood at that time.  The drawer side looks like spanish cedar but without being there i cannot do better than guess.

now about value.  I have no idea what things bring in your country.  
Let me say that they are good pieces, worthy of being kept.

Here, the dresser would only bring about 450-650 as shown after cleaning and waxing unless in a high end store then it would be around 800.  The armoire or wardrobe would be in the 1000-1250 range, again after cleaning and waxing.  In a retail setting.  at auction here as shown they would bring about 500-700 for both.

hope this helps


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