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bc wills and co
bc wills and co  
Hi, i have an awesome roulette wheel that i dnt know anything about.   I found it on craigslist and couldnt has the markings b.c. wills and co. Detroit mich. On the under side it has the markings 1070 in two places. it is in great condition and it looks like it was used quite a bit cause of the markings from where the ball was spun.  It has 0 and 00.. it did not come with the table. Please tell me anytjing u might know..    thank you

Hi John,

B.C. Wills is a well known name in the arena of gambling equipment. They were located at 666 Columbia St, Detroit, MI and acted as a supplier.

It's difficult to tell from your photo whether your wheel is the type that sits on top of a table or sits down in a table. Your wheel, having "0" and "00" is easily identified as an America style wheel. Those wheels with just a single "0" were European made. Shortly after the French brought their game to America it was modified and the "00" was added providing the house with even better odds, as if they needed it!

Condition is a major factor in determining value along with size. Without actually seeing it I can only provide you with a value range. If your wheel measures 21" or more across it's considered a commercial size wheel and I'll base value on that criteria.

A wheel in very good to excellent condition with no missing parts or repairs will sell in the range of $1800.00 to $2500.00 at this time. Less money if condition is only "good" or "fair".

Based on the photo your wheel appears to be in very nice condition. You can see a similar wheel at Old West Antiques ( It's missing the center piece (turret), condition looks similar and the side of the bowl is carved wood. It's listed at just $900.00. With the turret it would list for around $2300.00.

Hope this helps. You have a great looking item.

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