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arw wrote at 2008-12-10 20:28:14
If the smaller clarinet is marked "C" then it is likely a clarinet in the key of C, not an Eb.  Very possible it is High Pitch as well, making it look extra-stubby for a C.  If it is a High Pitch Boehm C clarinet, it is likely very rare, but probably not extremely valuable to most people as it cannot be played along with modern instruments.  If it is a Low Pitch C, it is definitely worth something.  Traditionally shunned by orchestral players in the 20th century, the C clarinet has grown enormously in popularity recently, for use in folk music of different types, etc..  I don't know anything about the bass.

modernicus wrote at 2013-02-18 20:29:19
The "C" is just part of the makers name in this case, as it is not a completely uncommon maker that shoes up at auction from time to time, but I agree that it looks like a C clarinet or something shorter than a Bb. It is hard to tell without comparing to similar length clarinets of the same pitch standard.  To complicate things, in addition to  multiple pitch standards for old insruments as mentioned and there also is a clarinet on the key of D, which is in between a C and an Eb, but is quite rare.  Anyway, it is definitely worth something, especially if it is a low pitch clarinet in C or higher key, and given the extended keywork that looks to be present.

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