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sailor1031 wrote at 2010-01-03 14:48:58
by its serial number your 926 dates back to 1954 - 1956.  The 926 was a pro-level instrument of fine quality, definitely no soft metal keys. It and the Symphony 1010 model were B&H top of the line clarinets. The only real difference between them was the diameter of the bore.  B&H stopped making (and importing) clarinets in the early 1980's when they acquired Buffet and standardized the range of clarinets.  BTW you will find an improvement if you get it repadded at some time with leather (kid) pads

Neilmac wrote at 2011-07-15 18:28:43
B&H made two professional level clarinets:  The top end was the Symphony 1010 but you have the 2nd level instrument, the Imperial.  The comment about 'weak' keys is nonsense, it was a quality clarinet used by professional orchestral and 'military' band [i.e. concert band] players.  Not sure about your technician - you don't 're-skin' clarinet pads, you replace them.

Don't worry about the age of the instrument, as long as it is low-pitch tuning you'll be OK.  Most wind instruments made after about 1935 will be low-pitch.  If you have any doubt, stand it up next to a modern day clarinet - it should be the same length.  The old high-pitch clarinets are noticeably shorter.

You have a professional-quality instrument which will hold its own in any company.  Dry the bore after each playing, treat it with bore-oil regularly, have it re-padded as needed, and re-springed every 5 to 10 years and it should last a lifetime...

Joe wrote at 2011-12-21 15:04:10
Hello , go to "clarinet perfection" web site . Your boosey serial number lands between 1960 to 1966 [183400-265000]. Thus it probably dates to approx 1962/63. Hope this helps, best J.

Tony F. wrote at 2013-03-10 14:02:26
Boosey and Hawkes were making instruments until 1984. Your Imperial was made in 1982.

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