Antique Musical Instruments/Darco guitar made for C.F. Martin


cj5nutz wrote at 2009-09-16 20:21:59
I have one of these as well. Martins official response is...

" Good Morning, Thank you for contacting Martin. Not much information on the Darco guitars, just that they were experimental and we only had a few protos. The time period was early 80's. I guess you have one of a few."

Hope this helps! Mine is not and will not be for sale .

Pedro Borba wrote at 2009-11-06 06:57:13
I found one of these for sale, but it didn't have the Darco Branding in the headstock.

I noted the plug on the back strap holder, but there wasn't any kind of controls anywhere, and I did not test it.

Inside it did have the "MIJ for Martin Co", but I can't remember serial numbers.

Hope this adds a little to anybody interested

Andy wrote at 2009-11-13 14:50:27
Hello, I just found a Darco guitar at Guitar Center for $249. I played it and it sounds great. Do you know if it is worth that much? There is no marking on the headstock, but it has the Darco/Martin marking you referred to inside the soundhole. Thanks for your response.

Ray wrote at 2012-07-28 21:56:19
I own a Darco Guitar that has very similar markings like yours and the case that it came in is exactly like yours (without the stickers).  My model is a DR-28H.  I picked mine up in 1999 and it is in perfect condition as is the case.  I would be glad to share pictures..

jack wrote at 2013-09-14 23:18:37
I have a darco d-12 it appraisal was 1800 about 9 years ago I have a d28 and 18 martin and I like my darco better I play it on stage 6 days a week.

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