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Pedrotheswift wrote at 2014-09-29 12:35:23
I have a Mandolin Banjo which looks exactly like the one pictured. Same body, same head same machine heads. The swastica, is a strange twist and I doubt it has anything to do with the origins of the instrument. The one I have was manufactured by George Haughton in Birmingham England in 1920 and was called  the "Reliant". Should you require it I will be able to send some photographs.  

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Marcin Puszka


I could answer for the questions about rare and antique instruments used in many european cultures (especially Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, United Kingdonm and France). You could ask me about how to play on that, how it's work and where you can get instrument. Also you can ask me about history of instruments and some technical questions. I know well stringed instruments, but you can also ask me about non-stringed. Please don't ask about pianos and other key instruments.


I play in polish band on many forgotten and old instruments, sometimes on self-made things like hurdy-gurdy, mandolas etc. Also I born in the very musical family and I work on the local radio and making own programme about old folk music.

- ACK "Chatka aka" Lublin (PL) - Centre of Culture, Lublin (PL) - Radio "Centrum" Lublin 98,2 FM (PL) - Orkiestra w. Mikoaja (St. Nicholas Orchestra), Lublin (PL)

I work in environment of experienced folk musicians and instrument makers. Also I have a experience in building old instruments and renovation.

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