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jari wrote at 2010-10-22 23:38:08

This is not a Civil War Bugle. This is a Model 1892 Field Trumpet probably made in the 20th century. However what is interesting is that this bugle has been modified. The tuning slide has been cut to raise the pitch of the horn-a practice found during WWII. More information can be found at


Jari Villanueva


Jeff Stockham wrote at 2012-05-14 14:16:08
C.G. Conn sold his company in 1915, at which point the "LTD." was added to the company name. Your bugle is post-1915. You were ripped off by the dealer, who with a small amount of research could have established this fact. Either the dealer, or the person he bought it from, added a WW2 Japanese bugle cord (nearly identical to a US artillery bugle cord) to make it look more like a Civil War item. This is, unfortunately, a common practice.

Taps Bugler wrote at 2013-01-31 10:32:40
This is not a Civil War Bugle. This is a M1892 Field Trumpet made by Conn-one of the many companies that made this type of horn. What is interesting is that this horn was altered. That is the pipe was cut to raise the pitch of the horn. This was a practice used by buglers after WWI.

Field trumpets (bugles) never had serial numbers as manufacturers did not consider them "real" instruments making it very difficult to date. A clue might be in the mouthpiece if it is original to the horn

More information can be found if you search for tapsbugler on the web.

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