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I have been given an old Salvation Army "Bandmaster" Cornet and would like to find out more about it. I play Flugel Horn in a SA Band and am interested in the instruments history.
The cornet is stamped with the Salvationist Publishing and Supplies mark with the St. Albans factory address. It is also marked with the model name ie. "The Bandmaster" Class A with the number 15515 stamped under the class A. The Second valve is also stamped with this number with an additional No. 5 marked beneath it.
If you are able to identify it's age or can supply any further information or contacts where information can be obtained I would be very grateful.

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Salvation Army started making instruments at that address in 1901, which continued until 1972, by which time the serial numbers had advanced to 34283.  

Though the Salvation Army records were lost in a fire in 1926, I have read that in London there are still production books in their archives, from which a serial number list could possibly be constructed.  But, so far, I not found any volunteers to go check it out.  

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