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I have and old Eflat Alto Horn that I purchased at a garage sale back around 1969.  The people at the Garage Sale told me that it was there Grand Fathers and he was a member of the John Phillip Sousa Band.  I can't verifly this and have no documentation.  It is a silver horn, with itched leaves on the bell and downward from it.  It says on the bell of the horn Goumat & Co., and below that it says Austria, and then below that is the words Fully Warranty.  On the middle valve it has stamped the letters, B & H.  My question is, is this horn a collectible and does it have any value to a collector.  Thanks for your time.


If you don't mind my diversion, it is amazing how many people played with Sousa.  I think Sousa himself would be surprised!  <g>

This was not a professional horn.  Certainly not the type that would have been played in Sousa's band.  In fact, he didn't even use alto horns.  

Goumat was a tradename probably used by J. W. Jenkins.  And, it most likely was made by Bohland and Fuchs.  

It is not particularly collectible.  

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