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I  too have recently come into this nice looking piece, also engraved with "professional".  It's serial number is 18938.
can you tell me anything about this  piece, it's time period , the kind of players who would use this style and any other fun facts you may have.
Thank you so much for being here and sharing so much of your knowledge with the rest of us!
All the best in the coming New Year!!!!
Rick Foster

This horn dates to approximately 1908.  This horn could have been used by advanced amateurs or professional players.  It might be in high pitch or low pitch, it is even possible that it was made to convert from high pitch to low pitch.  The older bands often were at high pitch, but gradually low pitch was favored.  But this horn was made when pitch was in transition.  Trombones of this period generally have a more penetrating brilliant sound than modern trombones.  This could have been played in a wide variety of musical organizations, but by sheer numerical odds, it is most likely to have been played in a small band of 25 pieces or less by an adult.  

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