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Jess wrote at 2014-10-26 02:46:21
Couesnon is a company with a long history, many eras of development, and they have produced a broad range of instruments of varying quality.  The answer to your question would depend on what year it was made and which line the instrument belongs to.  It could be quite a good instrument and a rare find, or it might be a mass-produced instrument that won't play well even with restoration.

It can be difficult to get an honest answer from instrument dealers.  Some, if they recognize a good find, will downplay the instrument's value so that they can buy it from you at a low price and then flip it.  I suggest you visit a chat group on Yahoo Groups called "Early Flute."  There you will find some of the world's leading experts on historical flutes and their value.  If you can take some pictures and post them, and describe the instrument with as much detail you can manage, you will get honest, expert advice as to what you should do.  

Good luck with it!

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