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Rotary Flugel #1
Rotary Flugel #1  

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Rotary Flugel #2  
I have an antique Rotary Valve Flugel Horn that I have played for years.It has no identifiers except for numbers and Roman numerals for valves 1-3. In addition if the light hits the bell right you can see where it has " Dovetail  " style joints where it was fitted. Looking on the net a Fischer dated mid 1800s appears to be its match. So my question: 1. What is exactly what I have and 2. What is its value and where should it be sold? I have pics so if they don't reach you ill resent them.

That is a pretty typical older European style fluglehorn.  Fischer was a dealer not a maker so he would have acquired the example you saw from another maker.

eBay would probably be your best bet for selling it.  No need to worry about value, if you provide good pictures, the price will naturally rise to a fair price.  

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