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Antique Musical Instruments/"Silvertone" (Suspected Sears or Wards) Trombone


Hello & thanks for your time. I've acquired a Silvertone stencil trombone in a faux beige snakeskin wooden case. It's definitely not a King "Silver Tone" but it doesn't have the "Elkhart" mark found on some Sears Silvertone horns. There's a serial number (625327) at the top of the slide section. According to some posts I've read, Sears didn't serialize their horns but this number may correspond to the manufacturer's numbering. I followed your advice from earlier posts & checked Horn-U-Copia (thanks for the reference, by the way!) to no avail. I've "Googled" myself blind. I'm not interested in selling it as it plays quite nicely & is in fine shape but I'm interested in determining its age & manufacturer. It looks amazingly like a Blessing, but looks can be most deceiving.  Do you have any further advice toward this? Any & all input is appreciated. Thanks again!

Sears appears to have acquired instruments from a number of suppliers as they were always dealers, never makers.  

While it is plausible that it is a Blessing as Sears seems to have purchased some  of its product from Blessing, but that serial number doesn't seem to match up with Blessing.

That is a pretty high  serial number.  If it is truly numerical, that would be a major manufacturer to get that high.  Of course, they may have simply picked a random number to make it appear that they sold more than they did.  

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