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  I recently purchased Martin trumpet.  It is silver, does not have a reversed leadpipe, has a serial number of #11003, and has design on the bell which matches a Martin cornet I saw online circa 1910.  This is the actual serial number; no other numbers appear to have been "rubbed off", etc.  The engraving on the bell is The Martin Band-Inst. Co. Elkhart Ind.  I am almost certain that is also circa 1910, but the serial number lists I could find online do not go back this far.  In fact, I found no serial number for a Martin trumpet that dates back this far online. It is missing the 2nd valve slide and associated tubing.  I am thinking of having a reputable repair shop add those parts, although this would create a "Frankenhorn" to a certain extent.  The valves and slides all move.  I was wondering if I have a museum piece that is very rare that I should not permanently alter by soldering  the replacement parts on, or if I just have a cool old trumpet that I can alter to have fun playing.  Any help dating it , or with advice on whether/how to fix it with the replacement parts, would be greatly appreciated.  I've attached some pics.  Thanks so much!

I believe that is a cornet rather than a trumpet.  

I would estimate it probably dates to 1916-7 or thereabouts.  

It is hard to tell from the pictures, but if the tubing is broken off that the valve casing rather than simply missing he 2nd valve slide, repair is going to be a bit more tricky.  But, repair is not going to hurt its value.  It is a cool old horn, but not museum material.  

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