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A high-school band director in my small town recently passed away. He was well liked and respected, and a good friend of my father's.
My father received his instrument collection (mostly purchased from graduating students) and his "new" 1984 Corvette, which he sold, and uses that money to purchase instruments for beginning band students.
I am trying to research the instruments in the collection.
There is a Getzen Deluxe slide trumpet in great shape, but with no case or mouthpiece. Some research leads to a manufacture date in the '50s (sold new for $19.95 !), but after looking very closely everywhere, I am unable to locate a serial number.
So, three questions, please:

Do you know where to find that number ?
What mouthpiece should be used ?
What do you suggest be used for a case ?

This horn will probably go to a Junior or Senior who plays in a jazz band and will continue to play after graduation.

Thanks in advance for any answers you can provide.
Vernon B.

all tough questions.

I don't specifically know for the getzen, but I would first look for the serial around where the two pieces join.  I think most soprano trombones use a trumpet mouthpiece, but some use a cornet mouthpiece.  A case - other than one that is custom made might be hard too.  I'm not sure of the length of the sections, but you might find that a generic double or triple trumpet case might work.  A lot of trombone gig bags have a sleeve with a piece of wood or other stiffening on one side - that could be home made easily enough.  

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