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I have an antique trumpet or cornet that has beautiful floaral like engraving above the bell and "The New Jenkins Special" in the center of the floarls. Where the mouth piece goes in, it says Czechoslovakia. I was told this belonged to a WW1 soldier. I do not know anything about these instruments, please pardon my "names" for the parts. Where the 3 finger things are, they are each stamped with a number 133, 11, 135. There appears to be mother of pearl on the caps of the finger things as well. I can't find any info online about this and would love to know its history and value (if any), it has some condition issues. Thank you for you time and help.

It isn't certain when the Jenkins company started in Kansas City Mo., but its founder John Woodward Jenkins died in 1890.  The Jenkins company were dealers, not makers of instruments.  They purchased instruments from Czecholslovakia as well as domestic product (including Conn in the 1930s).  This obviously is an import - very likely made by Bohland and Fuchs.  The valve numbers are a European style of numbering valves.  The inported stencil instruments typically don't command much value.  It is probably a cornet.  

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