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Good evening , Sir. I have a baritone horn with a "Carl Fischer's" stamp on the bell. The serial number, located on the second valve, is 9, which I thought was pretty cool. The valves are working, but the spit valve needs a new cork, and the spring appears to be missing, but I am not the expert on this era of instruments. I also cannot locate the mouthpiece, and am not sure if I ever had one, as this was given to me in the 1980's by my stepmother. I was advised that this horn may have been played by her grandfather in the first decade of the 1900's. I have looked at the York serial number list, and this appears to have been plausible. Your thoughts about this horn?

Carl Fischer marketed its on line of imported instruments.  They didn't make them themselves, until the 1940s when they acquired the York company.  It is unlikely that the 9 is a serial number.  Are there numbers on the other valve casings?  If so, it is just a maker's mark to keep the valves and the casings together.

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